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Scott Hall
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Go here --> geekvarietycustoms.customjusti… and you will find lots of neat custom made action figure heads, bodies, body parts and complete figure kits for the Justice League Unlimited, Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Superman The Animated Series and other associated Timmverse action figure lines! There's lots of great items available now with more being added all the time!

I'm a maker. I make things cuz I want to and I need to. I think its the most important thing about me.

Personal Quote: "Im all for stuff but when stuff sucks then stuffs stupid"


Original XBOX Slim Case Mod WIP by GeekVarietyDotCom
Original XBOX Slim Case Mod WIP
Got my fancy hole cutting bits in today and cut the top vent for the case mod. Also got my speaker grill that was going into said newly drilled hole so that's all installed and looking pretty as shit! Painted the top part of the case and did a test fit to make sure everything was going together okay and things look solid. Got some bugs in my paint so I need to clean that up once the paint cures enough to sand. Mostly please as a pig in shit about this so far. Now I just gotta do the soft mod once I get a new hdd and everything will be basically ready to roll! 

Not a huge update mind you, but a pretty important one none the less. 

Today I will be offering a nice array of bits and pieces, among them the revamped Killer Croc *GVCO Kit.

Killer Croc *GVCO Kit

Barda Beyond Upgrade Kit *GVCO

Lana Lang Head Cast *GVCO

Harley Quinn JLU Head Cast

Bizarro Arms

Modded Xbox Faceplate Progress Shot by GeekVarietyDotCom
Modded Xbox Faceplate Progress Shot
Been making some slow steady progress on this project. 
Removed the large eject button since there will no longer be a disc drive and smoothed it over rather nicely.
Cut an opening for a new power button which is basically the XBOX logo off the disc drive cut down to size to fit in the hole.
The mechanism works great and while the button hole could have been a bit more expertly cut on my part, its not terrible for a first try.
Hopefully the mesh grill piece comes in this week along with the hole cutting drill bit so I can get the opening in the top of the case cut and 
begin working on mounting the cooling fan in that top that replaces the rear fan.

When alls said and done, the case will be a nice frosty white with a black metal mesh fan cover right in the middle of the top where the xbox logo 
jewel previously was with a nice fancy white fan underneath. Should be pretty spiffy once its all buttoned up :D
Original XBOX Slim Case Mod by GeekVarietyDotCom
Original XBOX Slim Case Mod
Sure I make toys, but I aint no 1 trick pony yall! 
This dog knows how to roll over, play dead, beg (when needed) and and howl at the moon!!!!!!

Yes, I am completely retarded haha. 

Anyhow, took on this project of making an original xbox a bit less bulky and doing a softmod on the inside to make it much much sexier.
Cut about 3/4 of an inch off the height of the case and will start doing a softmod of the operating system once I get the replacement hard drive and a few other parts.

While there aren't any new castings available in the store today, we are making some changes and adjusting some prices on figure kits. 

New pricing across nearly all figure kits has dropped to $35 + shipping (with Baroness and Iron Man both at $30 +shipping).

There is one notable exception, the Dee Dee Twins Kit has gone from $55 to $45 + shipping. 

This is not a sale or a limited time offer, this is the new pricing structure and will remain in place indefinitely.

Stay tuned for product updates coming shortly, and thanks again! 

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Catty Clan Girls by Shono  

Just like what WarAngel said: Thanks for the faves!

If you enjoy my comics, you can read the latest issue at

If you’re not interested, that’s cool too, I really appreciate the faves and the support!

natalianinomiya Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Thank you for the fav :3
GeekVarietyDotCom Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks for sharing your awesome work! Samus looks incredible! 
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